Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's With this Weather??

OK, so I do like warm weather. I even like hot weather. But in October? Indian Summers (that's what we politically-incorrectly used to call them in Upstate New York) are usually fun and surprise you by only lasting a day or so. We have had 80+ temps for days now in Brooklyn. Just a bit weird, that's all.

On another note, our kitten (whose name is now Olive) is doing very well.

And lastly, I sold my 10th item in my etsy shop which is very exciting to me. Double-digit sales. I love it.


Kate said...

It was hot Upstate on Saturday, mid-eighties up on Hunter Mountain!

Olive is so cute! I have a tortoise kitty name Reeces.

WendiWinn said...

congrats on the double digits!

it's always warm here in florida. i can't wait for winter. you know, when it's a freezing 78 degrees. lol.

Nora said...

cute kitten! and congrats on the 10th sale!

Cathy said...

congrats on your 10th sale...the weather has been crazy here too alternating between cold and hot - but it should be getting warmer as we are in Australia :) Can't wait for Summer!

Melissa said...

Hi there! I followed here from the Etsy forums :)
Your kitty is cute as well as her name. And the photo of your zippy is really nice. Congrats on the 10th sale!

I like COLD weather. I live in Rhode Island and the weather JUST turned cool yesterday. Hurray!

chris said...

Olive is sooooo adorable.