Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Ordinary Ride

I often take the Q train into Manhattan. I love the Q train. It's fast, makes few stops and it goes over the Manhattan Bridge. I can make quick phone calls if need be. I can be above ground for a few minutes instead of in the tunnels of the NYC subway system. But what I love most about the Q train is the view I get while going over the Manhattan Bridge -- see it there -- lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and although you can't see it in the photo, the Statue of Liberty is also visible. Of course, what's missing from the view are the twin towers. It's a gaping hole in the skyline still.


charmsnfindings said...


I LOVE NYC!!!!!!!!!

Seriously my favorite city in the whole wide world :) You are lucky to be living there, the food alone is worth the horrible traffic :)

iSew said...

Wow, that is a great view. I often drive over a bridge in where I live that has a beautiful view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. I love driving over that bridge.

Anonymous said...

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