Monday, September 17, 2007

Hair Style History

A friend of mine here in Brooklyn has been working on a documentary about women and their relationship to their hair. I sort of think of myself as someone who doesn't really have a relationship with her hair. But then I looked at a photo album last night that my daughter had pulled out. It was full of baby pictures of her. Kids like to look at themselves as babies (at least mine do). In just the one album, I noticed that I had about 4 different hair styles. I am a person who likes to shake things up. I'm not afraid to go from a long look to a short sassy look. Hair stylists love me for that reason. I never have sympathy for those sobbing models on America's Next Top Model (my kids "make" me watch it, I swear) who have to say good-bye to their long locks.

I must add a disclaimer: THESE PHOTOS ARE 12-14 YEARS OLD. I know I look like a little boy in some of them. I always did look young for my age. I was between the ages of 31 and 34 in these photos. Thanks to heartsdesirebeads for showing me how to do a slideshow...

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Cathy said...

great slideshow - i very hesitant with my haircuts i must admit! lol