Monday, August 27, 2007

Celebrating 80 Years

This is my Dad. He turned 80 on August 23rd. I turned 46 on August 24th but that's besides the point. I know I know. He doesn't look 80. He doesn't act 80 either. He's very fit and very active.

We had a party for him last Friday. I put the whole thing together. I have three brothers who really don't help out much in this regard. One did show up 20 minutes early and hung some streamers. Another shopped for the recliner that we gave to my Dad as a family. So I guess that's something. Do I sound bitter? I hope not. I actually really appreciated anything that they did. I wasn't expecting it. My mom passed away years ago (1983) and as the sole remaining woman in the family, my adult life has been filled with these sorts of occasions. Women are the planners and schedulers and organizers. I used to be angry about it but now I see that that is just the way it is. I know there ARE men out there who do those things too, but I'd say, in general, that women are better at this stuff. Anyway, the party went very well. It was a casual affair: barbecue/picnic at my husband's family's summer cottage (see previous posts).

The highlight of the party for me was when my husband, two brothers and a nephew sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" to my Dad as a barber shop quartet. If I can ever figure out how to YouTube it I will share it with you. Part of the reason it means so much to me is it was totally my husband's idea. He scanned and sent the music to everyone and rehearsed it. It was a very sweet gesture.


Lissa said...

AWWW! Congrats to your Dad!! He sure doesn't look 80! My father passed when he was are very blessed!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Happy Birthday Dad and you're right he is looking very well for 80! I hope he enjoyed the Party it sounds like a very special day. Sara x