Monday, September 10, 2007

What is blogging anyway?

This may be a blogging don't, but I'm reposting. I wrote the below post back in August when I don't think very many people were reading my blog. I made a couple of changes, but it's basically the same post. It's all still current and I thought I'd share it again with you all.

I think I'm understanding that a "good" blog is one that expresses itself. It's not just about advertising your or someone else's work, is it? It's an online journal, right? OK, so I'm a bit slow on the uptake. I come from a different era, I suppose. I know there are a lot of people my age who blog but I find it sort of hard to express myself publicly. I used to hide my journal from my brothers so that they couldn't read my inner thoughts. And now I'm supposed to put them on the internet so everyone can read about them? Well it's not junior high anymore and I don't have a lot to hide anymore. My life is actually quite boring. But I will try to express some more of what's going on inside. I have a tendency to go way too deep in the real world, so I guess I could try that here. See if anyone is interested. I am currently living through the decade my mother was when she died. Without going through the details, let me just say it was a tragic death. It has been an interesting ride. Anyone I know who lost a parent early (I guess I mean before the usual time, but I know it's always hard and leaves you with strong emotions) understands how weird it is to be yourself around the age the parent was when she/he died. I am looking forward to 50.


jodie nicholson said...

Blogging is definitely a journey that often takes you out of your comfort zone. I'm generally very private too but I like that blogging has encouraged me to share more.
Great job :)

Nora said...

I like your blog, it seems like a comfortable place to stop by. I always feel awkward writing in mine. So I keeping pressing on. I love that you went to China! How awesome.

JanelleGee said...

I don't post very personal things in my blog- I mean it's personal because it keeps track of things for me and probably wouldn't interest many other people.