Thursday, September 27, 2007

Museum Madness

So I live in Brooklyn. I think you know that by now. I live here. I am not a visitor. I look at people with their tour books in hand (they are everywhere!) and want to help them figure out where they're going because I pretty much know how to get anywhere in this town. If I don't know I will figure it out. I remember not knowing how to get anywhere and I was always thankful to the person who reached out to me way back when. I have worked in every corner of the City and taken the subway to and from that corner. I will help confused-looking people on subway platforms before they ask me for help. It's my country up-bringing. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. Most of the time, people are thankful.

So you'd think since I live here that I'm very cultured. You'd think I frequent the museums the City has to offer. You'd think I was a contributing member and on the boards of these institutions. What do you think I am -- made of money?

Occasionally I will venture out to an art opening or an exhibit that I want to see. But not enough. I am going out today. Somewhere. I haven't decided yet. I will let you know. And when I get back I will be thankful that I live here and that I can easily access these inspiring places. And I will wonder, "why don't I go more oftten?"


The Rocking Pony said...

Should I ever visit Brooklyn I will enlist you as my tour guide. It's always nice to have someone know where they're headed!

Nora said...

I live a half hour from the golden gate bridge in san fran and I have never walked across it! my husband has promised to fix that soon! It is nice that you help people!

Sweet Spice said...

I grew up in AZ and have never been to the Grand Canyon!!

Have fun on your outing!!