Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"We have the technology..."

OK, so I'm dating myself with that quote. Growing up with three brothers (no sisters) and one black and white TV, I watched a lot of Batman (me: Can we watch "The Brady Bunch?" brothers: "No, it's Batman night."), Star Trek and of course, the 6 Million Dollar Man. Who remembers the beginning of THAT show? Well probably not very many of you. But the guy ends up mangled in a plane crash and they say "We can rebuild him, we have the technology."

I am using that as my inspiration today. I have the technology (pictures are proof) and can build it.

And let's not forget that from the 6 Million Dollar Man the Bionic Woman originated. Now SHE was something special....

six million dollar man intro

[via FoxyTunes / Six Million Dollar Man]


rocknwrap said...

How old do you feel? I remember the 6 million dollar man and I only feel 22......26........ all right 30!

fernfiddlehead said...

Yea, rockn. I know what you mean. I certainly don't feel 46 (which I will be in a few weeks...) You hear that from old people as you're growin up but it doesn't ring true when you're 23. Glad you remember the 6 Million Dollar Man!! And if I could figure out how to send this just to you, Rockn, I would but I can't.

LemonCadet said...

This morning my husband and I were discussing Sesame Disco. Talk about old! I still have the record. Bert looks so snazzy in that white satin-polyblend suit.

Sweet Spice said...

I remember watching those shows as a kid, but I think they were reruns =o)