Friday, March 9, 2007

This is my new blog. I have never done this before and am learning as I go. I just switched templates and now I really love the look of this blog. I will soon be adding some pictures and will try to continue blogging daily or often (who am I kidding?).

I am frustrated in general with myself as an artist. I have neglected this side of myself for too long and it is difficult to lure it out. When I first graduated from college in 1983 I moved to NYC to become an artist. Then life got in the way and 24 years later I am still thinking of becoming an artist. I have started with just crafty things which I've always enjoyed making. But I hope to expand and nurture other creative urges. I recently went to two exhibits here in NYC which I found inspiring. I also hope to find time to attend some New York Textiles Study Group meetings. I have been a member, but have not been able to go to meetings due to other commitments in the evenings.

So keep watching me and see where I end up.

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